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This Captured by God devotional is a timeless treasure of inspiration that will excite and ignite you to embrace the chains in the cause of Christ. Rather than imploding with the discouragements of ministry and discipleship, you will be encouraged and determined to fulfill your divine purpose. And, as you journey through this devotional, you will find yourself within these pages.
When you are tempted to bow your head in shame, God has already made a way of escape! Breaking the Chain of Shame, Never again will I be Ashamed. This book reveals how shame enters an individual’s life and how easy it is for someone to be chained to shame. It is realistic, simplistic, practical, personal, testimonial, and devotional. It has sound solutions based on biblical principles of how shame can be broken from your life forever. This book is for anyone suffering with guilt and shame for any reason.

Foreword and Review excerpts

… Beginning with her own story, she passionately, poignantly, prophetically and powerfully walks on ground that few dare to tread upon. As she expounds upon subjects, she explains in simple, but profound expressions of truth. Her teaching brings “exposure, disclosure and closure” to anything that is cloaked in shame…Bishop Brian Keith Williams
… she guides the reader through passage after passage of verse to take you out of feelings of guilt and shame to a new level of self worth… Dr. Keith E. Lewis -   Columbus and Delaware, Ohio

Dr. Keith E. Lewis
… in reading it you will find yourself revisiting and releasing strongholds that have haunted you for years…

CK Crutcher - The Voice Publications, Columbus, Ohio
Never before have I understood the enemy’s diabolical use of shame, and how the author of this book exposed the roof of shame and disposes of the fruit of shame. I will never be ashamed again…  

Bishop George. R. Scott - Christ Worldwide Church, Dayton, Ohio and Rehoboth International Ministries, Houston Texas
Charles K. Crutcher is a brother born for adversity. Throughout his life of ministry, he has served in many capacities; as an ordained Deacon, later answered the called to preach. He has served as Chief armor-bearer and pastoral assistant, Men’s Ministry Leader, trainer, teacher and now pastor and apostle. He is president of The Voice Publications and Co-founder of Kingdom Life Church of Columbus where he currently serves.

Apostle Crutcher is a family man – married for thirty-four years and counting, has three sons and twelve grandchildren, four great-grandchildren.   He received his formal education in Columbus City Schools graduating from East High School.

He attended the Eastern Union Bible College in Columbus Ohio and is a graduate of the BKW Young Preachers Institute and continued his education at the Wise School of Ministry.

Apostle Crutcher’s desire and purpose is to fulfill the great commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Voice Publications – President Charles K. Crutcher
Mary Ellen Crutcher
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