The D.E.B.S. Network of Women Preachers Short for Deborahs
Among the shophetim in the book of Judges was a woman named Deborah in chapters 4 and 5. A prophet, judge, and deliverer, she not only followed the example of earlier Old Testament women in acting upon the word of the Lord, but she fulfilled her role as shophet, or judge, better than most. Based on the information in the Bible, only Samuel and Gideon equaled her accomplishments. 

The D.E.B.S. Network of Women Preachers
We are extraordinary and come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, callings, and anointings wrapped in expressions of excellence known as an apostolic and prophetic voice in the earth; we are The D.E.B.S.

Divine Extraordinary Boss Sisters

Divine- We are called of God, not of ourselves 
Extraordinary- We are beyond usual, full of power and authority in every aspect of our being, call, cause, and commitment 
Boss- We own it without apology, we are ambassadors at large
Sisters- We are family, and our common thread is our Heavenly Father 

The D.E.B.S. Network of Women Preachers VMO
Our vision is to unite a worldwide network of women called by God to preach the gospel on purpose.

Our mission is to be Ambassadors at large as sent representatives of Christ at all cost.

Our main objective is to provide sisterhood, covenant relationships for female Pastors, Five-Fold Ministry Gifts, and Preachers. Here we enhance, sharpen, build, support, teach and train in the apostolic, prophetic, pastoral and other areas of ministry.

Your membership includes quarterly fellowship gatherings, access to preaching camps, writing camps, mentoring camps, and iron sharpening iron, training camps, and networking.

To become a member of The D.E.B.S. Network of Women Preachers please remit the Annual $99 Membership Assessment along with the completed registration

PayPal at or Cashapp: $Crutcherme    
Mary Ellen Crutcher
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